New Town Plaza contest offers an internship where the winner will be taken under the ace driver’s wing, they will also sample a Formula Renault race car, and get a trip to the Japanese Grand Prix.

Hong Kong motorsport fans will have a chance to compete for an internship that will pay the winner HK$62,000 for working five days in Southeast Asia where they are promised a chance to be involved behind the scenes of Dan’s team over a race weekend.

The first of it’s kind in Asia, the winner will join a team of mechanics from Hong Kong based race team BlackArts Racing and help Dan Wells prepare for his races at a race weekend in South East Asia in 2016. “The internship winner will basically be in charge of my projects, making sure that my schedule, which includes nutrition, water intake, working with my data engineer and my driver coach, to make sure that I am ready for the race itself,” said the 24-year-old Briton, who will oversee the internship himself. “They are also going to be embedded in the BlackArts Racing team where they are going to learn how to change tyres, how to set tyre pressures, how the engineering of the car works, how we make changes before each session.”

The job is open to all local residents aged over 18 with valid travel documents. Applicants will need to describe their passion for the job in 200 words and send this to The 10 finalists will then need to pass an interview, a written test and a public vote by shoppers at New Town Plaza, a shopping mall in Sha Tin, which is co-organising the event.

Before the internship, the winner will receive a paid trip to watch the Formula One Grand Prix in Suzuka in September and then one month later, one day of training in a Formula Renault 2.0 car under Wells’ guidance at the Zhuhai race track.

“This is going to be a great opportunity to develop the motorsport scene in Asia, get more people involved and to bring some real excitement to Hong Kong in the run up to the Asian Grand Prix season. I’m looking forward to seeing all the applications!”, Wells commented.

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