Competition ran hot in Round 6 as five of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia’s top drivers duked it out at the head of the pack after another harrowing first turn brawl cut a channel for guest driver Scott Hargrove of OpenRoad Racing to secure first place.

Round 6 - Class B podiumStarting the second race of the weekend in P2, the Canadian driver blizted P1 driver Maxime Jousse of KLM Racing on the first turn, managing to pull ahead with the narrowest gap and sending Jousse tumbling to fifth.

Keen to take advantage and ready prove himself in his first full race of the season, Team Porsche Holding’s Martin Ragginger hastily slotted into second, keeping the space between himself and frontrunner to less than second.

That left PICC Team Starchase’s Nico Menzel locked with Zhang Da Sheng of Fun88 Team Sunfonda in a showdown for third.  Seeing an opportunity to oust Jousse from the top of the leaderboard, Menzel, who started the race tied with Jousse for first with 92 points each, savagely clawed his way to third, balancing defense and attack to overtake Zhang Da Sheng and deny Absolute Racing’s Mitchell Gilbert the opportunity to embed himself in the top three.

The jolting shift in pole positions proved a bad omen for the previous day’s champion Andrew Tang of Porsche China Junior Team. Attempting to take advantage of the sudden opening to pass Jousse, the young driver spun from his P5 start back to tenth where he was never quite able to recover.

Despite the rocky start, Jousse was undeterred.  With predatorial focus, the KLM Racing driver methodically began his climb from fifth, overtaking Zhang Da Sheng and then Mitchell Gillbert before faltering on the unbreakable defenses of Menzel.

Round 6 - Scott HargroveAs the driver’s entered the final phase of the race it was a matter of flawless-or-fail driving, with Hargrove, Ragginger, Menzel and Jousse all within a fraction of a second from each other.

The remaining laps became a battle between some of the greatest minds the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia has seen, with each driver making split-second decisions on whether to defend their positions or push the attack.

In the end, Jousse found the crack in PICC Team Starchase’s Nico Menzel’s guard and made a crafty last minute pass with just one lap to go, securing third place above Nico Menzel and just barely holding onto his lead in the Championship points.

Hargrove, having successfully held his position throughout the race, finished first place with a grin, while Ragginger humbly accepted his first podium spot of the season in second place, congratulating Hargrove on his win.

Class-B was equally competitive, as Absolute Racing’s Yuan Bo continued his conquest despite debilitating heat. Like Jousse, the frontrunner got off to a tough start, giving his P1 position up to adversary and home-country favorite Vuttikorn Inthraphuvasak from est Cola Thailand.

But it was only a small taste of racing at the front of the pack for Inthraphuvasak, as Bo quickly regained his footing before once again thwarting his rival’s efforts to claim victory.

Contending with the likes of Team Jebsen’s Cui Yue, Team Betterlife’s Li Chao and Team Jebsen’s Yuey Tan, Wayne Shen from Modena Motorsports played a patient game of measured aggression, barreling from a P9 handicap to climb to third place.

Round 6 - Yuan BoCelebrating in showers of champagne, Yuan Bo took first place, with Inthraphuvasak in second and Wayne Shen in third for his first podium of the season.

As the sun set on another riveting weekend of Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, the season in full swing.  What looked like a solid leaderboard in Overall at the beginning of the weekend has transformed into a competition that’s anyone’s game.  With Porsche China Junior Andrew Tang’s brilliant performance in Round 5, he can now set his sights on a potential top position.

The young driver will get a chance to further hone his skills before the race and invitational at the Sydney Motorspork Park in Australia from August 26-28 as he will head to Hockenheim, Germany, along with Fun88 Team Sunfonda’s Zhang Da Sheng, to represent the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Team in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup  on July 29.

Round 6 – Results

Pos      No       Driver/Nationality       Class    Entrant/Nationality    Time

1          21        Scott HARGROVE (CAN)                     OpenRoad Racing (HKG)        21:39.346

2          86        Martin RAGGINGER (AUT)                 Team Porsche Holding (CHN) +0.819

3          68        Maxime JOUSSE (FRA)           B          KLM Racing (CHN)      +1.162

4          99        Nico MENZEL (GER)               PICC Team Starchase(HKG)    +1.479

5          88        Mitchell GILBERT (GBR)                     Absolute Racing (HKG)           + 4.889

6          19        ZHANG Da Sheng (CHN)                     Fun88 Team Sunfonda (CHN) +  10.748

7          22        William BAMBER (NZL)                     LKM Racing (MAS)      +  10.984

8          6          YUAN Bo (CHN)          B          Absolute Racing (HKG)           +15.077

9          77        Cui YUE (CHN)                         Team Jebsen (HKG)    +16.753

10        10        Andrew Tang (SIN)                 Porsche China Junior Team (HKG)      +19.124

11        18        Vuttikorn INTHRAPHUVASAK (THA)   B          Est Cola Thailand (THA)          +20.545

12        16        Wayne SHEN (HKG)    B          Modena Motorsports (HKG)   +41.392

13        9          Li CHAO (CHN) B          Team Betterlife (CHN)           +41.965

14        5          Yuey TAN Yu Hian (SIN)          B          Team Jebsen (HKG)    +50.573

15        28        John SHEN (HKG)        B          Modena Motorsports (HKG)   +52.664

16        11        Jeffery CHIANG (TPE) B          RC Racing (SIN)          +1:01.870

17        55        Bao JINGLONG (CHN)             Zheng Tong Auto (CHN)          +1:08.079

18        2          Kenneth Lau (HKG)     B          Prince Racing (HKG)   +1:08.428

19        8          Sontaya KUNPLOME (THA)     B          Racing Spirit Thailand (THA)  +1:20.618

20        17        FUNG Yui Sum (HKG) B          Arrows Racing (MAS) +1:30.639

21        3          Shaun VARNEY (NZL) B          B-Quick Racing Team (THA)   DNF

22        11        Suttiluck BUNCHAREON (THA)           B          True Visions Motorsport Thailand (THA)       DNF

23        23        Daniel BILSKI (HKG)    B          Daniel BILKSKI (HKG)  DNF

24        7          YEO Tee Eong (MAS)  B          Team Formax (MAS)  DNF

Overall points after Round 4 (top 5)

Pos      Comp No         Driver  Entrant            Points

1          68        Maxime JOUSSE         Kamlung Racing          106

2          99        Nico MENZEL  PICC Team StarChase 102

3          10        Andrew TANG Porsche China Junior Team    92

4          19        ZHANG Da Sheng        Team Fun88 Sunfonda           87

5          88        Mitchell GILBERT        Absolute Racing          82

Class B points after Round 4 (top 5)

Pos      Comp No         Driver  Entrant            Points

1          6          YUAN Bo         Absolute Racing          137

2          18        Vutthikorn INTHRAPHUVASAK           est Cola Thailand        118

3          16        Wayne SHEN   Modena Motorsports  87

4          9          Li CHAO           Team Betterlife          78

5          28        John SHEN       Modena Motorsports  72

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